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We Will Do Anything for Sports, but We Can’t Do That

November 12, 2020

EDITORIAL by Michael Wiiest, KLVT Sports Director

Boy has 2020 be interesting? Challenging maybe? Oh there are lots of terms we could toss on 2020 but there is always good news and the good news is we are at playoff football for 2020.

KLVT Radio has absolutely enjoyed bring football coverage for Levelland, Sundown and Morton and not only the audio but how much fun has the video been!

We would be remiss in our duties with we didn’t thank Sundown ISD, Levelland ISD and Morton ISD for there support in the mission to bring the game to the fans when the fans couldn’t come to the game.

Our camera people, support staff, and our fearless leader Tania Moody, thanks for your efforts. Butts have being busted to make life better for 50% crowds, people who couldn’t travel or the fans that are cheering from other parts of Texas, the country and the world.

How much fun have the first ten weeks been?

Thanks goes out to the University Interscholastic League for relaxing the Friday Night Lights rule allowing local media to assist in helping to keep people entertained, informed, and safe.

It’s been great!

“Been,” in case you didn’t notice, is past tense.

For the playoffs for 2020, the rules are as always.

In order for KLVT Radio and Cute Boots Broadcasting to bring you video for the playoffs, the hurdles get much higher.

Fox Sports Southwest holds all the broadcast rights to all playoff football in the State of Texas. As such, KLVT Radio would have to purchase those rights. Along with that hurdle, requirements includes limiting sponsorships to certain businesses and quite honestly would eliminate a lot of our local businesses that make our broadcasts possible.

It’s tough to say no but unfortunately the hurdles are just too big for small media people to clear and yes that includes KLVT Radio.

KLVT Radio will still be on hand and still broadcasting as much as we can get to on KLVT AM1230, with audio feeds and live stats on Facebook.

We are so grateful to get to bring you the video through out the regular season and the good news is KLVT Radio will return for basketball season for Levelland, Sundown and Morton with live video as often as possible.

We thank the fans, businesses, school officials, athletes and coaches for their support. Without you, I am probably going to have to be your doctor or lawyer and lets be honest, nobody really wants that.

All the best sports fans and get out and cheer on your kids, our coaches, our teachers, healthcare providers, law enforcement and well everybody else.

Just remember to continue to love your neighbor as yourself but just do it from six feet away.

Thanks everybody and have a great playoff season and above all be good to each other out there.

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