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Injuries and Short Numbers Alter the Morton Indian Football Plans for Foreseeable Future

October 11, 2017

MortonDue to injuries and short numbers for 2017, the Morton Indians Football team will scrap the balance of their 11 man schedule for 2017 and move to an “Outlaw” six man schedule for the balance of the year.

On September 27th Morton ISD announced they would cancel their last non-district game of the year in an attempt to heal up players and try to salvage the balance of the season and while the numbers are better they’re not where Morton ISD and Athletic Director/Football Coach Sean Abston feels they need to be for a safe and competitive season.

Morton started the 2017 season with 22 on the roster but early season injuries dwindled that number down to just 12 a week ago and Morton ISD decided it was time to face and embrace change.

After a district meeting on Tuesday night, the Indians announced they would forfeit the balance of their 2A-2 schedule and would petition the University Interscholastic League for a six man schedule known as and “outlaw” schedule.

Basically, Morton moves to six man football and will fill the schedule with teams looking to fill holes in current schedules, Junior Varsity six man teams and others looking for games in the next six weeks.

“This is great for our kids,” said Coach Sean Abston. “It feels better now that the UIL says we are cleared to establish a six man schedule and we get to keep the kids active and competing.”

14 kids are ready to go for the “Outlaw” schedule.

“That’s a perfect number for this game,” said Abston. “Enough kids to keep players fresh but still get these kids the experience they need.”

While the schedule is not yet complete Abston noted they have several teams already express interest in a game with Morton.

Abston noted that there are a lot of benefits to the move.

“We have protect the health of these kids for future sports as well put them in the best possible position to compete. It also gives us opportunity to get ahead of the learning curve for the future,” and that is important as it certainly appears that six man football and a class 1A-1 is in the near future for Morton ISD.

Coach Abston noted while the scheduling process for the balance of the year was underway, it remains up in the air as to how many games the Indians will get in 2017.

Remember, whether that be one game or five, KLVT Radio will continue its coverage and support of the Morton Indians and Morton ISD.


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